Shrimpy enough for Summertime Snook and Minnow-y enough for Winter Reds, the Canal Shrimp is always in my fly box.  It's a quick tie, casts easily, and lands softly enough not to spook whatever it is you're targeting - and whatever it is you're targeting, they'll eat it up. 

As always, colorway and weight are variables that must be adjusted for the environ in which you'll be chuckin' these thangs, so I'll forgo absolutes and specifics as we work through the recipe. This particular colorway is one of 24 Identical flies for the 2017 CCA Redfish Tournament Fly Angler Division selection, so keep an eye out for it on the Trophy Stand. 

Start with your favorite Redfish hook - mine is the Gamakatsu SL12S No.2, pictured above.  Run a base of whichever thread you like.  Here, I'm using UTC Ultra 280 Denier in Tan.  Tie in whichever eyes are appropriate for the area you'll be fishing, and lock them with a little Zap Gel.

We'll be tying in a Craft Fur tail, so 4 or 5 turns of Medium Cactus Chenille helps prevent fouling whilst also providing a little no-foul flash hot-spot.

Tie in some Craft Fur, snarfle it if you like, and lock it down with some strong wraps.  Toothy Trout and obnoxious Ladyfish can decimate a tail in no time, so make sure you really secure the material.  We'll be palmering material over the entire hook shank, so thread build up is not really a concern.

Palmer a few turns of Krystal Hackle over the thread bump we created whilst securing our tail.  You can use an actual, honest-to-goodness Hackle Feather for this step, of course.  Krystal Hackle does last a bit longer, in my opinion.  It also smells better - much, much better, depending on how much skin was left on the saddle hackle mouldering in that plastic bag in your material box.

Tie in whichever legs you like - Silly, Crazy, Grizzly, whatever.  I really love Chicone's Barred Micro Crusher legs. The small diameter makes for extra lively movement and the barring makes them look super fishy.


Almost done, now.  For the collar, palmer in whichever brush you like alllll the way up to the eyes.  Here, I'm using EP Senyos Chromatic 1.5", but Tarantula, Foxy, Minnow Head, Shrimp, etc work just as well. 

Build up a head (this is where the 280 Denier thread really saves you some time), Whip, Tip, and slap on a layer of whichever Fly Finish you like.  Here, I'm using Loon FLOW UV Fly Finish, which is my very favorite.

BOOM.  Done.  Post it on Instagram, hashtag Paris Kardashian hashtag Justin Timbieber hashtag Oprah Zuckerweezy or whatever and then maybe - just maybe - throw it at some slimy old fish.